Conservation Action Plan (CAP) workshop 1

CAP Workshop 1 to be held Wednesday 25 March 2015

CAP Workshop 1 to be held Wednesday 25 March 2015

Wednesday 25 March, 9:00am to 5:00pm,

Lotteries House, Karratha

The workshop is the first of three with stakeholders to develop a landscape scale conservation strategy and action plan for the Pilbara Bioregion as follows:

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction (CAP process, key conservation assets, scope, and participation)
  • Workshop 2 – Identify current condition and threats
  • Workshop 3 – Determine conservation goals, strategies, key actions and monitoring

The CAP will be coordinated by experienced and leading facilitators of the process in Australia, Todd Berkinshaw and Barry Heydenrych:

  • Todd Berkinshaw, National Director of Conservation for Greening Australia, leads a national team of Conservation Planners, Lead Scientists and Directors of Conservation who are focussed on the development of landscape-scale restoration programs across all of Australia’s major habitat types. Todd’s position also supports the application of science, research and new innovations within Greening Australia.
  • Barry Heydenrych, Lead Planner/Scientist, South West Region for Greening Australia, has extensive experience of the CAP process and includes in his experiences Gondwana Link.

The second and third workshops are each of two days duration and are tentatively scheduled for the third week of April and the third week of June. Confirmation of dates will be based on feedback from the first workshop taking into consideration availability of stakeholders.

The benefits of undertaking a CAP process are recognised in over 1,000 successful global conservation projects and through the support and guidance of a team of experienced CAP facilitators to ensure planning consistency. The process recognises the iterative nature of planning, the inclusion of existing plans, strategies and data sets, and the importance of engaging key personnel.

The CAP process outcomes will be collaboration by key stakeholders to produce a CAP strategy summary document and priority area maps for the Pilbara Bioregion.