Funding Partners

Pilbara Corridors is the local management group to best establish and sustain a coordinated land management program by bringing together a range of individuals and organisations with environmental expertise representing government, environment, community, mining, pastoralists and indigenous groups.

Pilbara Corridors is looking for organisations to co-invest in an initiative that is essential to the Pilbara and positively contributes to the environmental, social and economic value of the region.

Financial support will enable Pilbara Corridors to expand its land management program – both in terms of time (beyond five years) and scope (whole of Pilbara, type and number of projects) – further protecting the biodiversity value of the region and managing the threats.

Current Partners

Australian Government’s Biodiversity Fund

Through its Biodiversity Fund, the Federal Government has committed to supporting the Fortescue River Corridor initiative for a period of five years (1 April 2012-30 June 2017) through a $5.7 million grant to protect and improve existing native vegetation and manage threats to biodiversity.