Founding Partners

Pilbara Corridors has three founding partners:

Rangelands NRM

RangelandsNRM_Logo_colour_transparentRangelands NRM Coordinating Group (Inc) is a not-for-profit, independent and community-based organisation that facilitates collaboration and best practice in environmental management for land managers in the Western Australian rangeland region.

Rangelands NRM aims to be the preferred partner for business, government and community in the delivery of best practice rangelands management in WA. They work on the ground with a broad range of stakeholders, including Traditional Owners, pastoralists, government, local groups and other land and coastal resource managers.

With rangelands covering 2.5 million square kilometres, Rangelands NRM operates in the largest of the 54 natural resource management (NRM) regions in Australia.

Greening Australia

GreeningAust_LOGO_webGreening Australia started restoring and conserving Australia’s landscapes in 1982 and haven’t stopped since. With teams in 30 locations around the country and over 200 staff, they’re a proudly independent not-for-profit organisation. The Greening Australia team uses the latest science to guide what’s best for our landscapes and the people and wildlife that live in them.

Greening Australia’s plan is to remove the barriers that can sometimes get in the way of effective large-scale conservation in Australia. We will achieve this through a commitment to conservation through collaboration. Together is better.

WA Department of Parks and Wildlife

DPaW_logo_webThe Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) protects and conserves the State’s natural environment on behalf of the people of Western Australia.

The department was established on 1 July 2013, when the former Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) was split into DPaW and the Department of Environment Regulation (DER).

Its key responsibilities include conserving biodiversity and managing the State’s national parks, marine parks and other reserves, which cover a total area of more than 27 million hectares. Western Australia has 100 national parks and 13 marine parks with a diverse array of landscapes and seascapes, from coral reefs and tall forests to deep gorges and open plains of wildflowers.