Conservation Action Plan (CAP) Workshop 3

Pilbara Bioregion CAP Strategic Workshop – Conservation Goals, Strategies and Priority Projects

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th July, 2015

Technology Park, Bentley WA

A supporting Pilbara CAP stakeholder Discussion Meeting will be held on 8th July 2015 at the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The discussion group will review the summary notes from the second workshop and attendees will have an opportunity to provide input into the CAP process.


Workshop Aims:

  • Review the outcomes of CAP workshops 1 & 2
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the conservation of key assets and the abatement of critical threats
  • Identify high priority strategies and actions to conserve assets and abate critical threats
  • Understand the process and future involvement of participants in CAP planning and implementation

Draft Steps to be covered:

  • Review outcomes of CAP Workshops 1 & 2 & discussion group meeting
  • Group Exercise – Review & Comment on CAP Tables (Assets, Viability & Threats)
  • Review Key Threats & Discuss Draft Conservation Goals for the Pilbara
  • Group Exercise – Wording of Draft Conservation Goals
  • Identify Existing and Develop New Strategies & Actions to address Key Threats for Pilbara Conservation Assets. (Working through strategies and actions for the assets over the two days)
  • Future Participation in CAP Planning and Implementation