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Pilbara Corridors – A collaborative approach

Pilbara Corridors is the result of a collaborative partnership between Rangelands NRM, Greening Australia and the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

PMMC Meeting

PMMC Rio Tinto Meeting to discuss mesquite

Pilbara Corridors has a credible, expert and experienced team who provide advice, run programs and ensure work effort and funding is prioritised and coordinated to get the best biodiversity and social outcomes for the region and for all stakeholders.

Local environment, local knowledge

The Pilbara Corridors’ Advisory Group is comprised of stakeholders representing government, mining, industry, specialist advisors and land managers.  The approach is one of collaboration – where a range of agencies and organisations support a shared vision.

Pilbara Corridors is the vehicle that is helping realise the vision and nurturing a collaborative approach.  Through this model, the Pilbara is realising environmental, socio-economic and cultural benefits, including:

  • Share knowledge and best practice environmental management;
  • Provide expert and experienced counsel and advice;
  • Assist mining and other resource companies to manage their offset requirements;
  • Distribute funding in a coordinated way and towards the right priorities;
  • Remove duplication and provide coordination for the delivery of land management work for pastoralists, mining companies, not for profit organisations, indigenous groups and other local community organisations;
  • Proactively encourage Indigenous training and employment in land management positions through the Indigenous Ranger program.